Security Center Tyrol

Since the location of the Security Center Tyrol is at the interface of different building structures and sensitive neighborhoods and requires a location close to the center corresponding external appearance, a loose combination of several height-differentiated structure is proposed, which respects the standards of the environment and transmits permeability. The rectangular structure with slight swiveling emphasizes the interconnectedness with the existing city, at the same time a complex spatial and functional program is rearranged in clear spatial associations.


The buildings 01 and 04, which are characterized by different manuscripts, are integrated in a coherent way into the new structure of the building. The 5-storey solid building from the 1960s on the Kaiserjägerstraße forms in the development proposal the western flank of an open area with the appearance of a courtyard in a university campus or service center. The built in the 1980s BG 04 on the east side of the area is increased by a storey and sets the clock for the north adjacent structure. As the security center in the north borders on the heavily vegetated protection zone of "Villensaggen", the development in the area of ​​the demolished "Heim am Hofgarten" is loosened to soften the hermetic structure of a high-security structure. At the northwest corner of the site, the building intended for a third-party tenant will find an attractive, address-forming location.


In the square in the south-west corner of the security center, where public transport begins, an orientation-friendly access network with visual references to a green atrium is created, which is continued linearly via a broad (rolling) staircase on the first floor. Vertical development cores pass from this room continuum to all departments of the security center, optionally with the option of placing visitor access areas in front of the individual room closures. The new entrance wing at Kapuzinergasse has been swung inwards in orthogonal agreement with the existing internal geometry in order to create a spacious forecourt in the Vis-à-vis of the Capuchin Monastery and to accentuate the main entrance with access control for the visitors. Pedestrian main entrance and access for emergency vehicles form side by side a logistical unit, which regulates the distribution of traffic and the access authorization meaningful.


Through the formation of a partially lowered ground floor zone with visual reference to the environment vehicles can circulate freely on 2 levels to the loading zones, garages and workshops. This spatially and functionally equalized access system offers visitors and employees short routes and a high degree of orientation.


The development proposal, which seeks to network with the city at the urban planning level and clarifies complex spatial relationships, reflects in its "internal" relations the sensitive balance between the visible self-image of a public service provider and those functional areas that must remain introverted for security reasons.


Security Center Tyrol

6020 Innsbruck, Kaiserjägerstraße 8


EU-wide, double staged realisation - competition - 1. Place


In cooperation with HD Architekten


Offer of a reward

ARE Austrian Real Estate GmbH


Employees Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Andrea Pohl, Mark Steinmetz, Rozin Naydenova, Jasmin Puthenkalam, Thomas Pravits, Negar Zaghian, Benjamin Steininger, Stefanie Rohrweck, Veronika Koberger, Aleksandar Kyuvliev





BGF: approx. 74.000 m²


Completion: new buildings 2023, existing buildings 2024