Office Building ARE

The property is located in Innsbruck at Kaiserjägerstraße 12 - adjacent to the Tyrol Security Centre - in an attractive location. It is located at the interface of different building structures and sensitive neighbourhoods. The location close to the centre on the edge of the city centre and requires a corresponding address-forming external appearance. The planning represents a further development of the competition design developed together with the Tyrol Security Centre.


A free-standing structure is planned that respects the scale of the surroundings, takes up the neighbourhood structure and radiates permeability. Together with the security centre, a rectangular structure is formed that emphasises the interweaving with the existing city. A spacious, partially covered forecourt links the site with the public street space. At the same time, an inviting entrance is created that takes on a representative element in the floor plan design. The ground floor is distributed over two levels connected by short staircases. The reception is spatially separated from the meeting and office rooms behind it, while maintaining visual relationships. In addition
In addition, a terrace with a view of the garden is made available to the tenants. The cantilevered structure, which floats above the recessed plinth zone, lends the building a sense of lightness. The reduced construction of the upper floors offers the tenants excellently lit rooms with a view of the surroundings. The building features high-quality materials and fittings, which are reflected in the
reflected in the architecture.
The tenant situation for the 2nd and 3rd floors is not yet known at the time of submission. Depending on the tenant situation, 2 or 4 sanitary groups will be realised per floor. The assumption of the office layout is currently based on a "worst case" scenario with 4 sanitary groups per floor.

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office building ARE
6020 Innsbruck, Kaiserjägerstraße 12

ARE Austrian Real Estate GmbH


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Veronika Koberger, Sonja Butigan, Katrin Mayer



Net floor area
1.483 m² m²


Completion: 2024