„Citygate“ as a new urban district with a distinctive identity. The attractive pedestrian pathways crossing through the planning area and the optimal binding to the higher situated system of pedestrian and bikeways enable flowing sequences of alleys-squares-parks through routes, bridges and stairs.
The new "Plaza" as a new urban intersection point develops all functional areas at different levels. An eventful guideway and the daylighting of the Shoppingmall enhance the attractiveness for the visitor.

The "free form" of the building structures is flexible, adaptable to changing use requirements, the choice and form of the building allow an optimal exposure and sunlighting and create memorable rooms.
Terrain modellings connect public green and free zones between street and plateau level and produce inviting passages. Various use proposals of public free areas enrich the location quality of adjacent districts.
"Citygate" as a new center with high quality of life.


1210 Vienna, Wagramer Straße / Julius-Ficker-Straße

invited urban peer review process 2010; 3rd place

Citygate Living GmbH

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Sigrid Krendl, Antonio Leonte, Roland Radda, Simone Wesp

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Fire protection planning
Eugen Michael Pausa

Net floor area
35.540 m²