Roof Conversion

(cited from "Architktur aktuell" - Nr 227 - April 1999)

The architects did not withdraw the living area in the "Gründerzeit"-stock through the assembling of the bar in the ground floor. This living area, that was lost in favor of the Guess Club, was regained in the high traffic floor without any considerable expenses. The silhouette of the roof remained unchanged - with exception of 2 incised terrasses with fantastic view. Tha facade of the building was newly plastered, however it was left in its original condition above the Guess Club.

Roof conversion
1060 Vienna, Kaunitzgasse 3

conWert Immobilien AG

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Eric T. Red, Michael Maurer, Roland Hartmann, Steuart Mackenzie-Harrison

Mischa Erben

Gmeiner & Haferl

Building physics
Erich Röhrer

Net floor area
280 m²