The project exploits its location, between Eisentorgasse and Mödlingbach, by constructing a link between the two main access routes and integrating the stream into the urban design concept. The positioning of the building allows an attractive internal circulation space, which connects to the street on the south via a generous forecourt. In the north a new bridge over the Mödlingbach links the building to the stream-side promenade.
The open system adopted for the base structure of the building permits a high level of flexibility in the plan. The distinctive verticality of the circulation space, resulting from each storey being staggered, creates a stimulating space. A system of beams and columns is arranged in a clear grid structure. Different apartment configurations can be inserted into this basic structure in a variety of flexible combinations, which can easily be adapted to changes in user requirements and allows a sustainable response to social changes. The terraced arrangement of the gardens is reminiscent of “hanging gardens”, and creates an unmistakeable ambiance.
The architectural approach for the project is based on the principles of the Modern period. The high-quality finish of the ventilated façade, in combination with intensive green roofs and terraces, creates a distinctive appearance and suggests historical associations.


Housing development Eisentorgasse,
2340 Mödling, Eisentorgasse 3

Invited competition 2011; 1st place

NL Bauprojektsteuerung GmbH

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Stefan Hack, Iris Kiesenhofer, Roland Radda

Manfred Seidl


Structural Engineering

Buschina & Partner ZT GmbH
Net. Floor Area of apartments
1,920 m²