Erlaaer Straße

The scope of the urban design study included an analysis, formulation of problems and goals, and proposal for development and use in the form of 3 options, as well as an explanatory report and a recommendation for one of the options.
The site in question, and its surroundings, is marked by different building forms and green spaces (cemetery, public and semi-public green spaces.) The foundation of our proposal is a housing development located in the immediate vicinity of the metro station and integrated into the green space network. Ground floor zones with local shopping facilities provide pedestrian friendly shopping possibilities, and the area around the metro station is to be turned into a pedestrian zone.
Access for the housing (in all three of the options) is considerate of the desire for interconnection of green space within the extended urban context. The infrastructure for supplying the inhabitants with the daily necessities (such as shops, post office, police, pharmacy, doctors), as well as facilities for entertainment (cinema, restaurants, etc.), is fitted into the ground floor of the metro station.
This public use, in connection with the appropriate design of the surroundings of the metro line, strives for the formation of a bustling pedestrian zone. Offices or apartments are located in the upper storey. A 12 classroom school is inserted to the south of the green corridor, directly adjoining the sports centre, as transition between multi-storey housing and sports ground.


Urban Design Study U6-Metro station Erlaaer Straße
1230, Erlaaer Straße


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Julia Holzner

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler


Gross Floor Area
155,000 m²