The aim of the procedure was the elaboration of solution proposals for an urban and architecture realizable use and composition concept of the urban reorganization of the planning area and its supplementing areas after the shutting down of a part of the area of the former business site of the firm Unilever.
300 appartments, a daycare home for children, two group halls and one multi-purpose hall were developed on the area.


Essential was also the formation of high-quality green and open spaces and their sufficient quantity. The developing areas of the complex are contained in there. The area-based green and open spaces serve as a resting place as well as a meeting point for the dwellers. There are public communication, rest, play and work zones. A balanced proportion exists between semi-public (settlement-related) and private open areas.


Gregorygasse - „Unilever Ost“

1230 Vienna, Gregorygasse


Experts' proceeding 2000; 2nd place



Land holder

BAL LETO Immobilien Leasing GmbH

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Plot area

27000 m²