The current building forms one of the tow heading parts of the urban development concept for the „Hörbiger“ residential development complex. The Building is structured in tow parts: one U-shaped body – the „Stadthaus“ enclosing a linear building - the „Gartenhaus“.


The „Stadthaus“ connects whit three sides to the public space. The character of the „Stadthaus“ is urban; the structural design allows high flexibility on all floorplans. The ground floor is mainly reserved for flexible use of commercial facilities. Together with the children's-play-room and a generous main entrance, they enshure an attractive, public oriented base area.

Above the ground floor,  a multi-layered facade develops: surrounding, housing-related open spaces bounded by permeable membrane-like structures of metal rods with different thickness and translucent railings. The membrane acts as a filter to the city. It is penetrated by drawer-like balconies of different sizes, which form in combination with the lateral plantings the third layer of the facade.

A hall-like basic structure on all floors allow high flexibility and easy changeability of use and size of the housing units.

The „Gartenhaus“ is protectively enclosed on three sides by the "Stadthaus" and orienteds itsel towards the attractive neighboring green area in the southeast.

The structural system of the cross-wall construction creates in combination with the design principle of "Stadthaus" an ideal static overall system and allows a gentle staggering of the „Gartenhaus“ building.

The urban, the city facing "Stadthaus" and the "Gartenhaus" which uses the rest position and the large neighboring green area, are both accessed by an attractive interior hallway. Access corridors are extensions and visual links to places of encounter and communication. Strollers and bicycles can be parked floor wise right next to the apartment in separate boxes. Green areas are to be taken by the residents and promote communication among themselves.


The possibility to include future changes of usage make this building a modern, sustainable place for people and their varying needs.

Residential complex former Hörbiger Ventilwerke – Plot South

Braunhubergasse 23, 1110 Wien



EGW Heimstätte, Emil-Kralik-Gasse 3, 1050 Vienna


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Veronika Koberger, Roland Benesch, Rostyslaw Bortnyk, Vladimir Ivanov, Blagovesta Dimitrova, Barbara Bangerl



Schreiner, Kastler
Büro für Kommunikation GmbH


Structural Engineering, HVACR, Building Physics

Vasko + Partner Ingenieure


Subsidised Net. Floor Area

10.000 m²