Karrée St. Marx

Two office buildings along a busy, polluted street, together with rows of housing, containing two storey units, form the framework of a sheltered internal zone. Within this freestanding, “floating”, building volumes are positioned, with a complex variety of different apartment types. An important focus is the careful differentiation of complex, semi-public and public in-between spaces: communally used, below grade zones of the “floating” pavilions; communal spaces along a newly created access route; as well as commercial and service outlets, which are rhythmically interspersed between the foyers to the offices.

The neighbouring, green “wilderness” was used as a generator for the design of the open public spaces and is continued, in the form of the intensive green roofs, on the office buildings; the theme also flows through to the housing blocks.


Karrée St. Marx – Master Plan
1030 Vienna, Schlachthausgasse / Viehmarktgasse

Invited competition 2003; 1st place (Fixed starter)

BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Peter Auer, Wolfgang Kralovics, Robert Sturm, Thomas Wirsing

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Structural Consultant
Gmeiner & Haferl

Net. Floor Area
92,000 m²