In the Masterplan of the garden settlement generous green connections split the area of the garden settlement in four components. The system of pedestrian ways is consequently separated from individual traffic and connects wothout crossing the settlement with the city and the subsequent forest and meadow belt.
On the one hand the dwellings are narrow interlaced with the respective green areas, on the other hand clearly defined from the semi-public and public developing areas.

Rowed and free standing units are erected in light-weight wood construction and system construction. Additionally the residential buildings have high use flexibility and are adaptable to the individual needs of the dwellers.

Garden settlement Kellerberggasse
1230 Vienna, Kellerberggasse

Competition 1999; winner

GSG – Gesellschaft für Stadtentwicklung und Stadterneuerung

Staff memebers Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Wolfgang Kralovics,  Robert Sturm, Goran Prkacin, Gerardo Rodriguez Court, Thomas Wirsing


Statics / building physics
Richard Woschitz

Net living area
7.652 m²