Daycare Center

(quoted from „emerging architecture I”, Otto Kapfinger, 2000)


The kindergarten serves a new, fairly large residential area in the north of the city and offers eight classrooms and two activity rooms. Taking into consideration the peripheral location of the property, the building was positioned at the southern end of the site, adjacent to the access road, the classrooms with their inserted loggias were set in a northern and western orientation where the green space continues towards the Marchfeld canal and undeveloped areas. A transverse tract to be set at an angle pointing northeast and considered essential for the overall project was not realized.


The classrooms are constructed of laminated wood trusses that stretch upwards and towards the north and accentuate the unbroken transition to the open space beyond. A low, massive wing along the road accommodates all service functions. The access hall, featuring bands of skylights on both long walls and floor-to-ceiling glass walls to the classrooms, takes on the role of mediator between these contrasting layers of space. The service tract has a flat roof with greenery that was intended as a playground for the second structure. A spiral staircase and a ramp connect this elevated lawn with both the inside and outside of the house, which can be crossed over in this manner. The roomy, open interior is complemented by specially developed containers, fitted with wheels and used as lounging corners.


Daycare Center Gschweidlgasse
1210 Vienna, Gschweidlgasse 1

Stadt Wien

Staff Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Christian Koblinger, Kurt Zweifel

Paul Giuliani

Structural Engineering
Gregor Pribek

Floor area
992 m²