The housing development in Lang-Enzersdorfer-Straße is located in a protection zone. The development fills the role of urban linking element; taking on the different heights of the adjoining buildings. This results in terraces which can be used as private roof gardens.

The street-side volume and the courtyard-side element are accessed through a central stairwell and connecting arcades. 20 units offer a variety of apartment types: two-storey apartments with private garden or roof terrace, and single storey apartments with terrace and loggia are offered in various sizes. The apartments are flexible, adaptable, extendable, and can be changed in size retrospectively. Each unit has high-quality outdoor space with associated green space. Through the orientation of the building elements the apartments receive optimal sunlight year round.

Generously dimensioned communal spaces are offered, such as a naturally lit communal laundry, a hobby space, or children’s play area with attached internal playroom usable year round.
The development is constructed as a low-energy building, with particular attention given to the efficient use of natural resources.
Through the erection of unmistakable living environments, a high level of identification for the residents is achieved, and social interaction in the community encouraged.


Terrassengartenhaus Lang-Enzersdorfer-Straße,
1210 Vienna, Lang-Enzersdorfer-Straße 8-12

ÖSW – Österreichisches Siedlungswerk

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Peter Auer, Christoph Stabel, Robert Sturm, Christian Vollmuth

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Mischa Erben

Structural consultant
Erich Leschetizky

Building Services consultant
AGP – technische Gebäudeausrüstung

Building Physics
Dieter Kath

Net. Floor Area of apartments
1,900 m²