Mautner Markhof

The modular system, with a precisely defined base structure, permits flexibility of use and simplifies future modifications to meet changing requirements. The internal divisions of each apartment are flexible and can easily be altered retrospectively. The modular structure, based on a racking system, allows the building envelope to be filled up with different apartment types.
A “threshold” running around the edge of the building creates a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces. Projecting, oscillating, vertical gardens add quality to the private outdoor space of each apartment, and these can be positioned flexibly. The internal central space of each building connects the various communal areas and creates an attractive zone for interaction, while also linking the two storey roof garden to the communal outdoor space at ground level.
The plinth zone becomes the foundation for social integration – communal working, self-organised childcare, and cultural events in large, dividable, multi-purpose spaces are available for use by all of the inhabitants. Residents are also involved in the organisation of these.


Housing development Mautner Markhof Gründe,
1110 Vienna, Mautner-Markhof-Gasse / Krausegasse

Building developers competition 2010; 1st place

fund for housing and urban renewal

Genossenschaft Neues Leben

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler Architekten
Liliana Atanasova, Roland Benesch, Svetla Dionissieva, Reinhard Kowal, Waldemar Oster, Robert Scheutz, Simone Wesp

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Manfred Seidl
Structural Engineering
DI Anton Harrer ZT GmbH

Building Services
Ernst Haustechnik GesmbH & Co KG
Building Physics
DI W. Prause

Landscape Planning
Auböck + Kárász Landschaftsarchitekten

Wohnbund:consult – Dr. R. Gutmann

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
10,600 m² approx.