The altar
Christ is the altar: multiple, steel tubes in different sizes, symbolising the parish, support a mensa of red marble. Christ is the spiritual rock: the mensa is perceived as a roughly, honed rock on the underside. Where it is cut, its appearance has a cloud-like structure. The altar is the table of god: the top of the mensa is a flat, polished surface. A table around which the parish can come together.

The ambo
The ambo is the table of the scriptures: The metal loop is a symbol of a scroll. The Book of the Gospels can be rested on either the beginning or the end of the loop. The support can be varied in height and is supplemented by a wireless microphone.

The candlesticks
Four thin steel tubes form the base for a coloured glass cube. This surrounds the candle, which illuminates the colours in the glass.


Redesign of the Presbytery - Kaiser-Ebersdorf
1110 Vienna, Münnichplatz

Competition 2002; 1st place

Erzdiözese Wien

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Thomas Wirsing

Manfred Seidl

Artistic consultant (competition)
Wolfgang Pavlik

Artist (altar stone)
Fridolin Welte

Structural Consultant
Gmeiner & Haferl

Metallbau Treiber