Hauptbahnhof I

The building opens itself up to the surrounding spaces. Encounters become perceptible and visible. An entrance hall is both central axis and identity giving element. Differentiation of spaces and surprising visual connections offer room for creative and artistic interventions.
The 93 apartments are diverse, flexible, and suitable for different age groups and living situations. The easily adapted apartments, with the extra possibility of adding further rooms, simplify everyday life for people with special requirements. A combination of mixed uses (an office or a surgery adjoining the apartments) is possible. In addition, mini-lofts can be rented temporarily for a range of uses. The plan and spatial organisation is largely kept non-specific. Flexibly suspended balconies, which expand the loggias, ensure private outdoor space.
Apartments can, largely, be orientated in both directions.

Housing development Hauptbahnhof I,
1100 Vienna, Sonnwendgasse 25

Building developers competition 2009; 1st place

fund for housing and urban renewal

Kallco Bauträger GmbH

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Reinhard Kowal, Sigrid Krendl, Roland Radda, Markus Thiel, Simone Wesp

OLN – office le nomade
Structural Engineering

Ing. Werner LACROIX & Co. Bauplanungs - GesmbH


Building Services

TB ZFG-Projekt GmbH

Building Physics
Schöberl & Pöll


Landscape planning

Paul Kandl

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
7,400 m² approx