Hauptbahnhof II

Familiar with the design principles of the urban street, the accompanying development will be continued by the building. The metropolitan, linear structure of the building is individualized by private open spaces of the balcony zone. The design receives a high identification value: a diverse structure balcony on the street side, colorful and varied arcades facing the courtyard.
The courtyard arcades form a differentiated infrastructure network with attached community and adjoining rooms (laundry room, children's playroom, storage space for strollers and bikes) on each floor. The achievement of the building is immediate residential environment on a new quality level, which is the basis of good cooperation and positive neighborhood.

The apartments of the street accompanying part of the building are designed pushed through and are based on both the street and the courtyard side. The customizable, private outdoor area is used as a filter layer to the noisy streets. The intensive vegetation improves the living climate.
The apartments of the two annexe - flanking the new urban square - are orientated not only to the city square, but also to the calmed garden zone. On every floor the arcade is alternately connected uptream of the apartment (square / garden) and offers simultaneously, aside the infrastructure, private space for the residents. The threshold for the apartment becomes a vibrant communication space.

With the SMART-apartments - for the first time the subject of a developer competition - a high everyday practicality is combined with very favorable equity and rent in the foreground. The units are very compact and yet offer a generous space experience. Variations in the floor plan, with the equipment and in the open spaces allow additional individual scope and value to the residents.

SMART-Housing Development Hauptbahnhof/Sonnwendviertel II,
1100 Vienna, Alfred-Adler-Straße / Sonnwendgasse

Building developers competition 2012; 1st place

fund for housing and urban renewal


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Roland Benesch, Alireza Kosari, Iris Kiesenhofer, Michael Kist, Zuzana Nagelova,Vladimir Ivanov, Diana Perreira

Structural Engineering, HVACR, Building Physics
RWT plus ZT GmbH

Landscape planning
Auböck + Kárász Landschaftsarchitekten

Intermediate monitoring

Joachim Brech


Manfred Seidl, Daniel Hawelka

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
11.900 m²