Karrée St. Marx

The project was designed from the overall master plan down to each construction detail by Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler. An urban wasteland, formerly occupied by slaughterhouses, was the site for this new quarter. An L-shaped block, along the street, and an urban villa can be found floating within a continuous, park-like landscape.
The building typology of a “stacked city” allows a high level of freedom in the plan of the buildings. Two storey “vertical gardens” can, due to the 30cm layer of topsoil, be individually planted, and these shape the terrace structure. Communal outdoor spaces are located on the flat roofs of the individual buildings. The modular plan guarantees flexibility and variable design possibilities.


Karrée St. Marx – Viehmarktgasse (Site E)
1030 Vienna, Viehmarktgasse 1A

Building developers competition 2006; 1st place (Fixed starter)

fund for housing and urban renewal

Sozialbau AG

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Wolfgang Csenar, Peter Grausenburger, Julia Holzner, Rüdiger Krenn, Christian Münster, Roland Radda, Markus Thiel

Manfred Seidl

Structural Engineering
Gmeiner & Haferl

Buidling Services Consultant
Uniprojekt, P.H.I.

Building Physics
Wolfgang Habian

Landscape planning
3:0 - Landschaftsarchitektur

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
14,500 m² approx.