Zentrum Kagran

According to the objective of the city development plan, the area around the metro station of Donau center in Kagran is a target area for a new main center in Vienna.
Four locations are meant to be the spine of this center in the future. They own various qualities and were correspondingly valued in urban key figures. Therefore the planning area represents itself as a heterogeneous zone, for which development perspectives have to be depicted.
The aim of the present contribution is not the hasty unification of these different sites. Their specific qualities must be rather strengthen in the first place. This is the prerequisite for a possible positive impact on the "regions-in-between" in their urban development.

Site 1 – Dr. Adolf Schärf Square
Site as a center of economical dynamics
Site 2 – trade school
Site for economics, knowledge and creativity
Site 3 – Schrödingerplatz
Site with social competence
Site 4 – Discount
Transformation of a traffic location

Competition Kagran Center,
1220 Vienna, Kagran

invited competition 2008

Wiener Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds
Wiener Linien
Stadt Wien (MA 21B)

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
David Lieser, Roland Radda, Sven Schuler, Thimon Triebel

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Traffic planning
Rosinak & Partner

Gross floor area
306.950 m²