The entrance hall can be optimal used through the displacement of the reception area next to the lobby. A sitting landscape with integrated garderobe and lockers enables an additional "play-room". The reception area is intended to be opposite the entrance and closeable through a clapperboard. The routes of employees and visitors are separated through the position of reception and info point. The "reading bar" is accessible through the stairs integrated in the sitting landscape. It is viewable from the reception area and offers an alternative access to the Ocean. The Ocean can be extended beyond the rood loft through shifting of the protection door.

The new reception furniture is coordinated with the requirements and have 4 workplaces (3 receptionists, 1 daily manager). The available infoscreens above the counter will be adapted and extended through an integrated presentation area along the partition the the lobby. The present 7 garderobes experience a revision and will be enlarged with additional 51 lockers. The "Forum" will be rescheduled and the present tribunes will be adapted. The wall niches serve as storage areas that are expandable in further phases (depending on the investments)
The rearrangement of the "blue pause" creates a comfortable atmosphere and acoustic improvement. The child-friendly equipment with sitting balls and playballs, and soft finishes is highly valued in the entire lobby area.


Redesign of the Lobby in Zoom Children's museum
1070 Vienna, Museumsquartier - Museumsplatz 1

invited competition 2006; winner

Verein interaktives Kindermuseum

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Philipp Tscheuschler

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Net floor area
430 m²