Muthgasse 1190 Vienna

The planning area is located  between the Danube Canal to the east and to the west of the railway tracks because of that position have a insel character.

The linearity of the planning area is divided by transverse access axes in well-proportioned plots of about 12,000 to 20,000 m².

The following goals are formulated:

                    → Place between the track and water new constructed, define plots

                        Defuse edges and transitions,

                        Space supply determine, Enhance road clearances

                        strengthen connection between work and home and

                        more attractive define

                    → Strengthening cross-connection and connection to the environment

                    → make inner life of the space between the track and the Danube


3 high 3 Space

1.Spacetype: large park

Three stretched in the length spaces arise, which have different themes. Connection to Enviroment  carried by the cross-connections are strengthened.

                   → Track Park> 20 m wide

                   → Muthgasse - street parking> 15 m wide

                   → Waterfront

2.Spacetype: Recreation Park (Epk-space)

Structure three parks greening the areal approx each 50 x 100 m

(About 5,000 m²). They are in 500 m distance from homes and businesses.

They serve the everyday space supply.

                   → Track Park

                   → Green Centre

                   → recreation area / park south of the Gunoldstraße

3.Spacetype: Waterfront

Three different new additions to water should be produced. An appreciation of the space made by the combination of city and water.

Cooperative planning process Muthgasse, 1190 Vienna


competition 2015




Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Roland Benesch, Christoph Wunderlich, Vidosava Petrovic