District commission Kirchdorf - Kirchdorf an der Krems

The new building of the district commission incorporates the road building line of the neighbouring 5-storey housing and shifts back with around 10 metres from the Grillparzerstrasse. The created forecourt enhances the public character of the building. The representative main entrance is well visible from the Bundesstrasse and it is located directly at the corner Grillparzerstrasse/Garnisonstrasse.


Three main floors and a set back top floor create a compact building body that uses optimally the given topography conditions of the environment: a sidewise open parking level slides under the hovering building body. The garage driveway and exit is located one floor under the entry level following the sloping Garnisonstrasse to the south-west.


A central glass-roofed atrium connects all the floors and conducts natural light into the building’s interior. The valuable building envelope breaks down in two zones. The inner skin allows due to revolving glazing a flexible division of the rooms. Panels with wooden blades serve as variable sun – and visual protection.


A clear, regular column grid creates an open hall structure and allows high flexibility. Individual terraces enable even in the upper floors the exit to the outside at the building corners.

New building of district commission Kirchdorf/Krems
4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems


open competition 2014



Landes - Immobilien GmbH 


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Roland Benesch, Blagovesta Dimitrova, Xavier Creus Soler

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler


Net floor area

3.109 m²