Housing Development Am Mühlweg - Vienna

The arrangement of the above and below ground volumes results from a level green space and a stepped architectural landscape. Lowered access ways, gentle ramps, arcades, and the central green corridor leave a maximum of open space; the orientation of the building volumes aims to achieve the greatest level of sunlight.
Children’s play room, laundry, communal multi-purpose space, and cycle storage are arranged around a natural nucleus; situated at the mid-point of the apartment wing - giving equal accessibility from all blocks.
The communicative centre sits, space savingly, on an offset level close to the northern entrance to the complex.
Four living concepts mark the quadrangle: full-width apartments with adjoining loggia zones in the northern wing, a stacking of garden maisonettes, and terrace and roof garden apartments in the three southern blocks. This variety allows any desired type of relationship to the external space.
Generous glazing and open space emphasise the transparency of the city periphery. Sheltering elements such as prefabricated garden pavilions, etc. respond to this expansive design. This not only ensures privacy when there would be unimpeded views but also conformity of appearance.
All floor plan concepts, as far as possible, allow for modifications or extension of the apartments. On implementation the arrangement of spaces to apartments can be refined, even on different maisonette levels.
Every provision has been made should multi generational living be necessary in the future.


Housing development “Am Mühlweg”
1210 Vienna, Mühlweg

Building developer’s competition 2004

Wiener Bodenbereitstellungs- und


Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Structural consultant

Landscape Design
3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur

Building Services consultant

Subsidised Net. Floor Area