Asfinag sound protection walls - Lower Austria/Styria

The present concept considers the design of sound protection walls at the highway route S6 and S36 from the knot Seebenstein until Judenburg. The subterritory that has to be designed spans over the Mur valley and the Mürz valley. Defining element along the route is the present nature with its colors variety. These aspects are taken into account by the conception of the new sound protection walls, the choice of colors as well as the lighting concept.

The wave serves as an analogue of the Mur and Mürz and it is depicted through two constrasting surfaces. The contrast is created on the one hand through the use of rough and smooth surfaces, on the other hand through combination of bright and dark color hues. The moving of the wave spans over the entire route and changes its intensity, color and interval depending on the surrounding landscape. It serves also to suggest the driver for particular traffic conditions by flattening or ascending e.g. before bridges and tunnels as well as driveways and exits, and in this way increases the driver's attention.
Standard elements are used along the route with a distance of the vertical stayer of 5m and element height of 4m. In the bottom area of the sound protection walls a continuous concrete dado of 1m is included. The standard
spacing on the bridges is minimized and lightweight materials are continuously used (aluminium, glass).
Special components are employed in short partitions like for example driveways and exits as well as tunnels. The wave is interrupted and the material changes from the mixed form of wood-concrete and aluminium panel into a pure aluminium panel.
The particular situations (arcs and driveways) are emphasized through bending in the panels and form a three dimensional shape. The created arrow-shaped surfaces should raise the drivers' awareness (braking, accelerating).


Composition of sound protection walls
S6-S36 (Knoten Seebenstein - St-Michael - Judenburg)

Open competition 2012; 2nd place



Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Zuzana Nágelová, Jakub Smagacz, Roland Radda, Daniel Schwartz



Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler