Housing Development Seestadt Aspern - Vienna

The built-up area reacts subtle to the environment. The outer edges are clearly expressed. The segregation into individual building bodies with different facades creates breaks in the street space and a lively appearance.
Different developments and building typologies alternate each other. The individual buildings - Stadthaus, Riegel, Villa and Corner House - develop an independent offer and comply in a homogene ensemble. The joining dado-zone spans from Stadthaus with small business use further to use-open space in southern direction. To the inside an exciting innercourt emerges with fluent room sequences to the surroundings. The elevated level inside creates a transition from the public street level to the semi-public quarter court.

Core of the project is a diverse, lively and communicative development system that spans from the entrance to the last floor. In this way open communication spaces and a differentiated transition emerge between the public space of the large quarter structure up until the private dwelling.

The current sunken forezones with squirrel-tail barley serve the percolation and ensure the necessary part of unsealed surfaces on the plot. Entry and terrace plateaus swim between the grasses. They assign different uses to this transition space and structure the zone. To the east the front zone leads as steps to the elevated innercourt. It constitutes to a great extent the connection of youth center, opposing building group and house community and it is the central communication space.

Variety in the planning and conception of residential buildings renders a crucial contribution for functioning of a new living quarter. Different spatial structures and transitions of inner and outer space, differentiated developments, variety of different types and size of dwellings, as well as different community facilities satisfy better the wide users spectrum than allegedly universal solutions.

The floor plans are organized with maximum flexibility. In this way a high individuality and high energy standard is ensured throughout the further planning as well as in the later utilisation.

Housing development Seestadt Aspern,
Aspern, Vienna

Building developers competition 2012; 2nd place

Gelup GmbH, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, wohnfonds_wien

Genossenschaft Neues Leben

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Roland Radda, Zuzana Nágelová




Building physics

Team GMI Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Landscape planning
Rajek Barosch Landschaftsarchitektur

Wohnbund:Consult - Mag. Manuel Hanke

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
ca. 12.570 m²