Citygate - Vienna

“Citygate“ as a new urban quarter with an unmistakable identity. Attractive pedestrian routes across the site, and optimal connections into the surrounding foot and cycle path system, constructs a flowing sequence of spaces from streets, squares, and parks through to walkways, bridges, and stairs.
The newly formed “Plaza”, as a new urban focus, gives access to all functions on the various levels. The experience rich thoroughfares, and ample natural light in the shopping mall, make the complex an attractive place for visitors.

The “free form” of the building structure is flexible and able to adapt to changes in user requirements; the choice and form of the building elements allows optimal daylight and sunlight, and creates memorable spaces.
Landscaped areas connect the public green and outdoor spaces, between street and plateau level, forming inviting transition spaces. A multitude of possible uses of the public outdoor spaces enriches the quality of the neighbouring quarters.
“Citygate” as a new centre with a high-quality of life.


1210 Vienna, Wagramer Straße / Julius-Ficker-Straße

Invited urban design competition 2010; 3rd place

Citygate Living GmbH

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Sigrid Krendl, Antonio Leonte, Roland Radda, Simone Wesp

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Fire Engineering
Eugen Michael Pausa

Net. Floor Area
35,540 m²