Gregorygasse - Vienna

The aim of the competition was to develop solutions for an implementable urban and architectural concept for the redevelopment of the site and its auxiliary zones, following the closure of part of the premises previously occupied by Unilever. 300 apartments, a day-care centre with two group spaces and one multi-purpose space were proposed for the site.

Important was also the development of high-quality and sufficiently sized green and outdoor space; the access and circulation routes of the development included. The complex’s green and outdoor spaces serve not only as a place to spend time but also as a meeting point for the residents. There are public spaces for communication, rest, play, and work. There is a balanced relationship between semi-public (for residents only) and private outdoor space.


Gregorygasse – “Unilever Ost“
1230 Vienna, Gregorygasse

Competition 2000; 2nd place


BAL LETO Immobilien Leasing GmbH

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Site area
27,000 m²