2nd Administration Building at the Campus of IST Austria - Klosterneuburg

IST Austria provides the outstanding scientists with an attractive working environment at the area of Fundamental research.
The 2nd Administration Building distinctively symbolizes the self-conception of IST Austria due to its appearance.
Ribbons and spirals are always recurring geometric forms in the Fundamental research - especially in the cosmology and the quantum gravitation.
The form of the building stands for geometrical logics and it is the unmistakable "branding" for IST Austria. The communication barriers of the classic, floor-wise segmented office structure are overcame here.
The office building develops itself along a spatial ribbon as a space continuum from the entrance to the roof terrace.

The office spaces align themselves along a spiral-formed ramp and create an extraordinary work environment that symbolizes the scientific orientation of the campus.
The lift and the main stairs connect the individual spaces in a short way.


The inclination of the development hallway amounts to max. 4% and it can be continuous accomplished without any half-paces - in dependence on the inclined paths outdoors (approvable from the construction authorities).
The horizontal office zone next to the development hallway is accomplished with raised floor construction; its modular subconstruction ensures the transition from the inclined base structure to the horizontal floor space.
The steel-wood composite construction allows the necessary precision of the completion and enables a flexible segmentation of the office zone.
The space ribbon of the building uses ideally the present topography and allows high "transparency" to the outdoors.
The free ground level zone enables direct visual and routes connections to the outdoors and integrates ideally the zone of the bridge junction into the concept of the open spaces.
The free part of the plot is design as "park of knowledge": vitrines, integrated in sphere-like steel shafts, inform about current research topics of IST Austria along the connecting routes and places.
The illumination of the vitrines is part of night lighting concept and supports the building as an attractive "business card" of IST Austria.


2nd Administration Building at the Campus of IST Austria
3400 Klosterneuburg, Am Campus 1


EU-wide, open two-staged competition 2014


Lower Austria


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Roland Benesch, Blagovesta Dimitrova, Valentina Saporiti

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler Architekten


Gross floor area

2 184 m²