liturgical redesign Church Nussdorf

The liturgical redesign of the parish offers the possibility of this sacred place on several levels to improve. On the one hand by the precise positioning of the altar and ambo together with the sedilia and the baptismal font should create a new central place, which the spiritual power of the liturgy is felt. On the other hand, is intended by the selection of materials to support the dignity of the liturgical actions and the interaction of the individual objects be strengthened.

The aim is to improve the "inner urban development" of the church interior. The area of ​​the high altar is returned to the original height position. This on the one hand, the material quality of the Original soil visible again, on the other hand, the original proportions of the high altar and the communion grating are restored.

The positioning of the ambo and the baptismal font in the range between pews and Communion grid establishes a new "village square" which of the Community Parish strengthens. The new altar in a central location is in dialogue with the ambo and the Font and thus provides an improved integration of the Baroque altar area in the Church. The position and orientation of the altar, ambo and the baptismal font follows the historic design of the church.

Church Nussdorf, 1190 Vienna


Competition 2014, 1st Place


Stift Klosterneuburg


Staff Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Vidosava Petrovic, Roland Benesch


Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler Architekten