Housing Development Frachtenbahnhof 2 - Linz

The proposal follows the urban design guidelines established in the master plan. All building elements are clearly orientated towards the “green centre”. By choosing to terrace and stagger the building volumes, high-quality private and communal outdoor spaces are formed, and the vegetation of the inner parkland is continued on the facades of the buildings. The landscape of the “green centre” gains a vertical continuation.
The stacked row houses are accessed on the street side through vertically staggered “walkways”. The spatially exciting circulation zones are both a climatic buffer and protection from emissions for the adjoining apartments.
Spatially differentiated “planting shelves”, along the closed arcades on the street façade, result in a seasonally changing appearance.
The base module, which fills three grid axis, contains a riser and the optional location for an internal stair. Connecting the modules horizontally or vertically – depending on user needs – results in a variety of apartment plan options.
Character and extent of module combinations generates the different apartment typologies and sizes.
The raising of the ground floor, and terracing of the remaining floors, separates the private outdoor spaces from one another and from the communal green space – creating high-quality individual outdoor spaces.


Housing development Frachtenbahnhof 2,
4020Linz, Lastenstraße

Invited competition 2011

LAWOG, Gemeinnützige Landeswohnungsgenossenschaft für Oberösterreich

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Sigrid Krendl, Waldemar Oster, Roland Radda, Daniel Schwartz

Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Building Services Consultant and Building Physics
Ernst Kainmüller

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
6,070 m²