ÖAMTC Headquarters Vienna

The urban concept follows the guidelines of the promoter and supports the urban development of the Erdberger Mais.

The new ÖAMTC Headquarters are moved away from the "Tangent" and zoned in its height development.

A 2-storey dado creates the base which is overlayed by a 5-storey office building.

The multi-storey car-park prolongs the existing Park&Ride facility along the "Tangent". It is discernible as an independent building due to an interposed joint and creates the base for the put-on heliport and the hangar building.

The multi-storey car-park and the main building restrict the new ÖAMTC forecourt. It serves as a priority way before the main building and as a driveway into the company area. The parking places situated in front are reachable in a short way and carried on in the ground floor of the multi-storey car-park.

The forecourt is clearly visible from the "Tangent" and together with the main building and the multi-storey car-park creates a memorable appearance.

The buildings are complemented in the 3rd construction stage by an office building in the eastern area of the building site. Due to its location it can be easily separated from the plot as an independent building.

The new ÖAMTC Headquarters create a prominent appearance through its building bodies and its urban justification. The base of the main building with its rounded corners, metal-silver surface and its flush-mounted openings remind of the aestethics of the automobile manufacture.

The overhanging office body appears light and delicate through its materiality. Due to its location and orientation it is significantly perceptible from the „Tangente“ as well as from the crossroads area Baumgasse/ Litfaßstrasse.

ÖAMTC Headquarters, Vienna
1030 Vienna, Baumgasse 131


General contractor's competition 2013; 2nd place


In Cooperation with Atelier Hayde Architects






Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Roland Radda, Blagovesta Dimitrova, Alen Suljic, Iris Kiesenhofer, David Palus


Schreiner - Kastler, Büro für Kommunikation GmbH


Net floor area

20 233 m²