Expansion BHAK & BHAS Polgarstraße - Vienna

From an urban design stand point the entrance area is clearly accentuated. The building reaches into the streetscape and clearly marks the new element of the BHAK. Through the cleverly chosen positioning on the site a generous forecourt, forming a link between existing and new, is created. From the forecourt one enters into the new volumes, as well as the newly created BWZ. The principle of clustering can be clearly read through the construction of the courtyards.

The clusters are spatially formed as a single unit. Access and circulation can be found in the large hall, around which the clusters are arranged. A clear separation between circulation and teaching spaces allows interesting visual relationships, without noise disturbing the teaching. The structuring of the circulation results in orientation being simple.
The principle of clustering runs through all of the units: education, scientific education, teacher areas and administration are always ordered around the main space belonging to each cluster. In the teaching clusters this main space is meeting point, study area, and space for communication and presentation all at the same time.
In the area for teachers the main space, stretching over two storeys, serves as a space for communication. The hall is circulation space, common room, and meeting point. To ensure the openness of the main space, an emergency escape path concept with external escape paths was developed. This made it possible to designation the main hall as a single fire compartment, allowing open staircases and avoiding the installation of a sprinkler system.


Expansion BHAK & BHAS Polgarstraße
1220 Vienna, Polgarstraße 24

open EU-wide competition 2009

BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Roland Radda, Sven Schuler, Simone Wesp

OLN – office le nomade

Structural / Building Services / Building Physics Consultant
Vasko + Partner

Landscape Design
Auböck + Kárász

Net. Floor Area
9,572 m²