Housing development Rosenhügel - Vienna

The building plot on the area of the Rosenhügel-Film studios is influenced by a heterogene urban environment: solitair building bodies with different building capacity characterize the environment. A new supermarket with parking places in front separates the building plot from the adjacent Speisinger Straße.


A new topographic project is developed that uses the present natural terrain and topographically integrates the new supermarket.

An attractive net of paths uses the abilities of the new topography and incorporates the plot multilayered into the environment.

The new differentiated buildings use the topographical project and stagger in the height development. At the borders of the site they react to the neighbouring buildings; inside they create a new urban space in dialogue with the stock movie building. This is part of a continuum of different spaces with differentiated character and publicity.

Plenty of paths lead to an "urban plazza" which ground level is used by public and community facilities and thus it supports the attractivity of the place - a new place for meeting and resting.

Using the topography a "village on the hill" can be reached from here, that enables different public use on the roof of the supermarket.

Different wide ramps and stairs lead to the surrounding streets and net of routes.

The new supermarket is integrated into the new development system; the parking space in front is segmented with green areas and it can be used as temporary playground (street basketball, etc.) in non-working days.

A new „interaction street“ joins the south-eastern surroundings of the building plot.
The aim is to create a public tangible space continuum as an additional value for the surrounding city.


Housing development Rosenhügel
1230 Vienna, Rosenhügel


invited competition 2014


Rosenhügel Entwicklungs-, Errichtungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co KG


Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler

Roland Benesch, Blagovesta Dimitrova, Valentina Saporiti

Schreiner - Kastler


Gross floor area

20.299 m²