Housing Development Frachtenbahnhof 1 - Linz

The proposal follows the urban design guidelines established in the master plan.
The building elements orientate themselves towards the “green centre”, through terracing and staggering of the building volumes, high-quality sophisticated outdoor spaces are formed.
The scale-like glazing, as a semi-transparent membrane, creates a buffer zone between building and busy street environment, and serves as a system of protected circulation routes. Flowing transitions into the communal outdoor space convey generousness, and encourages optimal use in all seasons and weather.

The module – as a basic building block of the apartments – defines the structural grid. Horizontal and / or vertical connections generate a system of arranging and stacking; allowing great freedom in apartment distribution and typology, with high flexibility in regard to size and use. The logical systematic design of the units also enables future modifications to suit changes in living requirements, and gives the foundation for social sustainability.
Each apartment additionally includes a planted outdoor space.
By minimizing the overlooking between individual outdoor spaces, a changing game between public and private is set up; similar applies to the communally used and public outdoor spaces.


Housing development Frachtenbahnhof 1,
4020Linz, Lastenstraße

Invited competition 2009; 2nd place

GWG – Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft der StadtLinz
GWB – Gesellschaft für Wohnungsbau

Staff members Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler
Sigrid Krendl, Roland Radda, Simone Wesp

OLN – Office le nomade

Subsidised Net. Floor Area
9,600 m² approx.